Meet Willian Haesakkers

Meet Willian Haesakkers He embarked on his journey at Amphitec in 2017 as a writer for manuals. When the opportunity arose for him to become a procurement officer, he immediately seized it! Discover how innovation drives him and what memorable moment he experienced because of colourblindness. 

Who are you and what is your role within Amphitec?

My name is Willian Haesakkers, and I started working at Amphitec at the beginning of 2017 as a writer for manuals. After six months, I got a new opportunity at Amphitec to work as a procurement officer. I’m mostly involved in preparation work for projects. That means I will go through the projects together with the engineers, think of ways I can improve them, and make sure the production goes as smoothly as possible.

What do you like the most about your job?

We are always working on new innovations to improve our products. This can be pretty awesome; it also has its struggles, but I very much enjoy working on that. Together with our department, engineering, and production, we think of finding the right solutions to make sure everything works perfectly. This makes every day different and shows that if we work together as a team, we can accomplish a lot.



What is your most memorable moment?

Haha, I immediately think back to that one time when a machine was painted in the wrong colour, and my colleague, who is colourblind, couldn’t notice the difference. Yeah, that was pretty funny.



If you were to give one tip, what would it be?

Always ask your questions! If you’re having a problem, whether you’re a colleague or a customer, together we will always find a solution that fits you, your machine, and your job.

About Amphitec

Amphitec was founded in 2000 by Peter Paul du Buisson and John Haesakkers. The market showed demand for an efficient solution to transport roof ballast. The machines at the time were expensive, unable to work at great heights and offered limited payload. The Amphitec Max-Loader was born on the drawing board, a revolutionary solution in Europe. This efficient vacuum/pressure solution offered an additional 50% loading volume, a better distribution of weight across the machine’s axles, a fuel saving of 50% and a high-performance vacuum pump from Aerzen, the pump supplier. This made it possible to work at great heights. This machine caught on and many were sold in a short period of time. The passion for developing efficient solutions runs like a common thread in our history.