Industrial cleaning


Amphitec products are very suitable for industrial applications, for both the petrochemical and the food industry. The Amphitec concept makes it possible to suck up liquids and solids, wet and dry, thick sludge and powders. The components and materials that come into contact with the product that is sucked up are made of stainless steel as a standard and therefore resistant to the highest acidity levels. Combined with ATEX and ADR certifications, this makes Amphitec machines the most efficient, versatile and safe equipment in this sector.

Higlighted industrial applications


  • Cleaning oil tanks
  • Sucking up residues
  • Removal of contaminated material due to spills or emergencies
  • Removal and transport of catalysts in the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Removal and transport of fly ash
  • Removal of residues from production processes
  • Cleaning and drainage of wells
  • Removal of contaminated soil
  • Cleaning and emptying of residues in silos


Our solution for the suction of



Our solution for the suction and blowing of

dry/wet products


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