Suction Excavation

Suction excavation: safe and efficient


Excavation with traditional excavators often causes damage to cables and pipelines; this frequently causes major consequential damage and loss. Suction excavation is seen as the great alternative to conventional digging. Thanks to its powerful Amphitec roots blower pump, the Amphitec Suction Excavator is a very effective concept for suction excavation. The cables and pipelines are exposed without causing damages. Hydrostatic drive technology makes it possible to drive the truck via the remote control and thus carry out the work efficiently without having to take a seat in the cabin in the meantime.


Amphitec vacuum/pressure Suction Excavators save time and fuel costs and, compared to traditional methods, prevent excavation damage to pipelines leading to project delays and large consequential damage and loss.



Highlighted applications in suction excavation


  • Clearing cables and pipelines for repairs or applying new ones is possible without causing damage and dangerous situations as a result of, for example, gas or hot water leaks.
  • Removal of soil around trees without causing damage to tree roots
  • Supply and removal of soil in hard-to-reach places
  • Removal of contaminated soil in urban areas
  • Applicable in places where an excavator cannot be used or where ground has to be moved over greater distances


Our solution for the suction, suction excavation and blowing of dry/wet products and the suction of liquids


the Amphitec suction excavator



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