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The vacuum/pressure solution for construction, industrial cleaning and suction excavation

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Industrial Cleaning

Highlighted industrial applications:

  • Removal of contaminated soil and residues
  • Cleaning and emptying of oil tanks and silos
  • Removal and transport of catalysts in the chemical and petrochemical industry
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Highlighted applications in construction:

  • Supply and removal of roof ballast (roof gravel/roof substrate)
  • Supply, removal and transport of insulation material in crawl spaces
  • Drain cleaning and sucking up soil and sludge to great depths
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Suction Excavation

Highlighted applications in suction excavation:

  • Exposing cables and pipelines for repair work or the renewal of infrastructure. Due to suction excavation you can expose without causing dangerous work situations or causing costly damages
  • Supply and removal of soil in hard-to-reach places
  • Removal of contaminated soil in urban areas
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Industrial Cleaning
Suction Excavation





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"With the Amphitec Suction Excavators we are able to blow material over long distances and vacuum at long distances and great heights. The ideal solution for a maximum deployment!"

Johann Wallner, owner Wallner HD-Reinigung

“Our Amphitec is a phantastic, powerful machine to blow gravel. Our record is blowing gravel 254 meters from the truck. The machine is also easy to operate. Besides blowing, we also use it for bigger suction work which requires extra power. The Amphitec Vortex is absolutely a machine I recommend!”

Lars Ivar Moldskred, owner Moldskred Renovasjon

“Our Amphitec equipment is quite often used for cleaning work during shutdowns on power plants. During production stops, incinerators are temporarily shut down and cleaned from top to bottom in a short time. The residue is drawn into the tank by long distance hoses. Thanks to a unique adjustment, we are able to unload the tank without interrupting the cleaning process. This allows us to perform this work quickly and efficiently. ”

Jens Noack, Purchaser Buchen Kraftwerkservice

"The Amphitec equipment is very easy to use. It makes the operators confident to work with the units. Amphitec provides customized solutions supporting our daily job optimally."

Matthew Hammond Altrad Services UK

“Before we only used ventilation machines to do the suction excavation works. Though we were quite satisfied we were not able to do certain jobs correctly, or even not at all. We can do these jobs with the Amphitec Suction Excavator. We have also been able to extend our activities using this machine!”

Ralf Klose, owner Mobile Saugbagger Dienste (MSD)

"We know Amphitec for 15 years, and we are satisfied with our machines. Over the years, Amphitec has established itself as a solid, reliable and trustworthy company. They are really professional and they treat the client comprehensively."

Krzysztof Makowski, Owner Makowski Industrieservice

About us Your efficiency, our passion

Amphitec builds vacuum/pressure solutions for a broad target group. Our ambition is to offer an optimal configuration that perfectly matches our customer’s requirements. From 3D design of the machines to used components, we want the best for our clients. Our aim is to deliver solutions that are both efficient and user friendly. Your efficiency is our passion.


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