Amphitec Flex-Loader

The Amphitec Flex-Loader


The Amphitec Flex-Loader is a stand-alone, autonomous system on a container frame for vacuuming and blowing dry and wet substances. The Flex-Loader has a compact design, but has a large tank volume. As a result, this machine excels in maximum flexibility. This system can be placed on a truck with a 20” container frame, hook arm system or cable system. The unit can be fitted with a big bag unloading system to ensure the quick and clean removal of any substance. This concept is fully autonomous and is also available as an electric unit with or without a battery pack.


Amphitec products are characterised by efficiency. The strong Roots Blower vacuum pump, which still performs very well at low speeds, guarantees optimal fuel consumption. The machine offers the right balance, making your work go faster and safer.


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