Meet Przemysław Godyń

Meet Przemysław Godyń, Procurement Officer at Amphitec Poland. He discovered his passion for the suction Excavation Industry when he joined the Amphitec Family. Find out about his responsibilities, the favourite part of his job and his golden Amphitec Tip!

Who are you and what is your role within Amphitec?

My name is Przemysław Godyń, and I am a Procurement Officer at Amphitec Poland. Together with my colleagues, I make sure that we have continuous communication with our suppliers, forwarders, and the Dutch headquarters.

What do you like the most about your job?

What I appreciate most about my job at Amphitec is the opportunity to establish and nurture relationships with our suppliers to consistently enhance the quality of our cooperation, which ultimately contributes to improving the quality of our products. 

Additionally, I enjoy the versatility of my daily tasks as it provides me with the opportunity to continuously learn new things.


What is a moment that you remember the most?

A moment that stands out to me is when I first joined the Amphitec family, and I wasn’t familiar with the Suction Excavation industry. I was genuinely impressed when I witnessed the incredible power of our machines for the first time.


What is your golden Amphitec tip?

My golden Amphitec tip is, above all, to listen to each other attentively. This open communication and collaboration are crucial for refining our work processes and ensuring that our products continue to excel in quality.

About Amphitec

Amphitec was founded in 2000 by Peter Paul du Buisson and John Haesakkers. The market showed demand for an efficient solution to transport roof ballast. The machines at the time were expensive, unable to work at great heights and offered limited payload. The Amphitec Max-Loader was born on the drawing board, a revolutionary solution in Europe. This efficient vacuum/pressure solution offered an additional 50% loading volume, a better distribution of weight across the machine’s axles, a fuel saving of 50% and a high-performance vacuum pump from Aerzen, the pump supplier. This made it possible to work at great heights. This machine caught on and many were sold in a short period of time. The passion for developing efficient solutions runs like a common thread in our history.