Amphitec CEO Update April 2024

CEO Update April 2024

“It is on this product, the world’s first suction excavator with three vacuum
pumps, that a significant part of the further development strategy is linked.”

At the beginning of the year, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Amphitec branch in Poland.

I believe that this is the perfect time to look back and summarize what we have achieved over the past five years and say something about our next plans.

The choice of Poland for the location of the new branch was not accidental.
Relationship between me and the management of Amphitec B.V. started much earlier and dates back to the year 2005-2006.

For almost 15 years, our paths have crossed and the relationship that has been
established between us, mutual trust, growing interest in Amphitec products, many years of experience in cooperation with Polish subcontractors, a very good opinion of Polish employees, who have been and are part of our Dutch team from the very beginning of Amphitec B.V., led us to make the decision to open a branch and a production plant in Poland.

We officially started our operations in Poland in January 2019, and a year later, i.e. in January 2020, we launched our own production factory. In mid-2020, a new production hall with an area of 1650m2 with a social and office building located in Piekoszow near the city of Kielce, where our headquarters are currently located, was put into use.

At that time, no one expected such a rapid development, but the market has its own rules. The growing interest in our products prompted us to make a decision to increase our production capacity by employing new qualified employees as well as expanding the production area by another 1400m2, which was commissioned in the middle of last year.

At present, our team consists of 85 people, which includes qualified production
workers, engineers, managerial staff and administrative staff, and the total production area on which the production of our vehicles takes place is about 5000m2. Are we planning to slow down? Definitely not!

The increase in sales of our products and the opportunities offered by joining forces with the new owners, i.e. the German R&G group, the owner of RSP, allow us to make longterm plans. The potential of this merger will certainly allow us to expand both our dealer and service network and will help promote our revolutionary new product – Amphitec Ventus. It is to this product, i.e. the world’s first suction excavator with three vacuum pumps, that a significant part of the further development strategy is linked.

We appreciate the cooperation with all our partners and will regularly inform you about news and special projects at Amphitec.

More information coming soon.

Best regards,
Robert Mendzelewski, Managing Director Amphitec Poland