Demo Tour Sweden | 28 September – 2 October

Amphitec Vortex – ‘Scandinavian Special’

This week, Amphitec will tour in Sweden and show the new Amphitec Vortex, the ‘Scandinavian Special’. This Amphitec Vortex is specially designed for the Scandinavian market. A compact, robust vacuum / pressure machine with a large number of possibilities. It is the most versatile solution for the industrial market for transporting both dry and liquid material.

Special Features

High loading capacity | It has a compact and highly manoeuvrable 6×2 Scania chassis with an empty weight of 19000 kg and a 12 m3 loading capacity.

User friendly | The unit is extremely user friendly. It consist of a simple, relais-based control system. It is equipped with a robust remote controlled Industrial boom, which simplifies the job when your work at large distances, heights or depths. You can unload in containers and/or big bags using the Hi-Lift system.

Optimal power | Due to the powerful roots blower vacuum pump, with 9000 m3/h unloaded airflow and 96% vacuum, it has the ability to bridge very large working distances of more than 300 meters, keeping an optimal suction performance! Need even more power, use the option to integrate an 11000 m/3h pump!

Blowing material | The rear blowing system allows you to easily blow material over large distance, for placing materials like roofing gravel or crawl space isolation chips.


Do you wish us to demo this machine on your premises? Contact Göran Carlsson to make an appointment. Mail :, Call : +46 (0)769 49 23 45.
Göran Carlsson is Sales Agent & Service Location of Amphitec B.V. in Sweden.

More info about application examples of this Amphitec solution, click HERE

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