Amphitec Jubilees

we celebrated in total 7 jubilees whom are celebrating being with us for respectively 12,5 and 20 years of service. These work anniversaries testify of commitment and perseverance and we are happy that they are part of the Amphitec team.

12,5 Year Anniversary

We celebrate 12,5 year service of 4 employees (from left to right Arjan Verloop, Janusz Kopczynski, Dianne Faber and Sylvia van der Waal). Congratulations!

20 Year Anniversary

The team of management jubilees (from left to right John Haesakkers, Frank Kramer and Gerdien den Butter that have been with us from the start, 20 years ago. They have made a major contribution to maintaining our core values that have made the company great. Being #involved and #reliable, offering #userfriendly and #efficient vacuum and pressure solutions for the construction, industrial cleaning and suction excavation markets in Europe.

Thank you all for your dedication and we look forward to a great and exciting future together at Amphitec!

Your Efficiency, Our Passion