Privacy Policy


This privacy policy has been drafted by Amphitec b.v., the owner of the website . We are aware that you have confidence in us. We see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy and would like to inform you about which information we collect and why.



We do not collect or use data for purposes other than the reasons described in this privacy policy, unless we have specifically obtained your prior consent.


Our online service

Once you have entered your data on our website it will uploaded into our internal customer system. The data includes only necessary information such as your name, address, telephone number, E-mail address and VAT number. In addition, we can provide you with a login code for to access customer specific data relevant to the use of the purchased product or service. We will not combine this information with other customer specific data.


Website optimization

To aim to optimize your user experience and to improve our service by using Google Analytics. This means that when you visit the website the information of your webpage search is recorded. We can roughly monitor what your interests are as website visitor. Personal data is not registered.



All information sent both from and to you via is solely based on information that is linked to your purchased product or service. We may temporarily store this information in order to make it possible for us to process your questions and respond to your requests. This data is stored on secure servers of Amphitec b.v. or that of a third party.


Pass on information to third parties

Amphitec b.v. does not sell your personal data to third parties. Your data is only processed internally and stored temporarily, only for the above purposes.


Your rights

You have the right to view your stored personal data at any time. You may object to the storage of your personal data. When you object to the data storage, you should be aware that we will not be able to meet our obligations regarding our service we provide to you. Our obligation to you will immediately expire.


Data Security and Data leakage

In order to keep your data safe Amphitec b.v. uses technical and organizational measures. We use a secure url (https://) to reduce the risk of unauthorized interception during your visit to our website. You will be redirected to http://localhost/amphitec_notcompressed. In the unlikely event that a data breach occurs as, a result of which the security of your personal data is no longer guaranteed, we will contact you immediately.


Data storage

We store your personal data, for which purpose is described above, for the duration that is necessary for the use of our services. When the service is no longer needed your data may be stored in an internal archive for either historical or statistical purposes.


Adjustments to the privacy policy

It might be necessary to adjust our privacy policy in the future. We therefore advise you to regularly view this privacy policy.ContactIf you have any questions or remarks, please contact us via mail:


Last modified on: 19-06-2018