Amphitec Vortex Suction Excavator

Nouveaux équipements Amphitec Vortex Suction Excavator

This pressure-vacuum installation is suitable for vacuuming of dry and wet products.


Technical Details

Amphitec Vortex Suction Excavator
Tank Capacity
14 m3
Tank Material
Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump
Amphitec roots blower 11000
Max. Vacuum
Max. Overpressure
1 bar
Chassis Type
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Suction Excavation Boom
Hydrostatic Drive
HP pump 50L/120 Bar
Compressor for Pneumatic Tools

Used for

  • Removal of residues from production processes
  • Removal of contaminated soil
  • Cleaning and emptying of residues in silos
  • Supply and removal of insulation material in difficult to reach
    and narrow spaces
  • Widening crawl spaces for installing pipelines and cables
  • Clearing cables and pipelines for repairs or applying new ones
    is possible without causing damage and dangerous situations
    as a result of, for example, gas or hot water leaks.
  • Removal of soil around trees without causing damage to tree
  • Supply and removal of soil in hard-to-reach places
    Removal of contaminated soil in urban areas
  • Applicable in places where an excavator cannot be used or
    where ground has to be moved over greater distances
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