Amphitec Base-Loader

Used equipment Amphitec Base-Loader

This pressure-vacuum installation is suitable of vacuuming of dry and wet products and blowing of free flowing dry materials


Technical Details

Amphitec Base-Loader
Tank Capacity
12 m3
Tank Material
Stainless steel
Vacuum Pump
Amphitec roots blower 9000
Max. Vacuum
Max. Overpressure
1 bar
Chassis Type
MAN TGS 26.510

Used for

  • Sucking up residues
  • Removal of contaminated material due to spills or emergencies
  • Removal of of fly ash
  • Removal of residues from production processes
  • Removal of contaminated soil
  • Cleaning and emptying of residues in silos
  • Supply and removal of roof ballast (roof gravel/roof substrate)
  • Supply and removal of insulation material in difficult to reach and narrow spaces
  • Supplying raw material for drainage purposes
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